Weekly Round-Up: It’s Been A Good Week

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Who says rainy day picnics can’t be fun?

We went to a picnic yesterday for a local English-speaking association, and the weather alternated between beautiful sunny skies and dramatic downpours of rain. But hey, when you’re in good company (and there’s at least a bit of shelter) it doesn’t really matter!

It’s A Giveaway!

If you have a baby, and your baby likes yogurt, then you might want to sign up for my feed by RSS or email– I’m announcing a giveaway tomorrow!

Favorite Links From the Week

And some of my favorite reads from my ‘Good Reads‘ page, which is automatically and immediately updated every time I save a link through my Tumblr account Almost Frugal Finds. By heading to either of these sites, you’ll find my favorite and most current links.

  1. Grocery Store Tricks – How Your Inconvenience Profits Your Supermarket | Pay Less For Food
  2. Tips for Coping with a Sudden Job Loss | Not Made Of Money
  3. Chicken with Peas and Pasta
  4. 9 money rules to live by – MSN Money
  5. Religion and money: The price of faith – Money CNN
  6. Frozen Strawberry Cream
  7. 4 reasons to embrace frugality | WFTS-TV
  8. Breaking Even: When I Learned Not Going To The Grocery Store This Week: Part One
  9. » Homemade Pork & Shrimp Dumplings
  10. Create a Gold-Laying Goose. | My Two Dollars

Carnivals and Festivals

I was an editor’s pick in the Festival of Frugality at Start Living Frugal with my post “I’m Not Always Frugal.”

I was also an editor’s pick in the summer storm edition of Carnival of Pecuniary Delights at Counting My Pennies for my post “When There’s More Month Than Money“. Thanks for doing such a great job hosting Megan!

My post on the lessons I learned about frugality while in graduate school was included in the Carnival of Money Stories at Simply Forties.


1 Kika June 7, 2009

The CNN post about faith/money was very interesting.

2 Audrey June 9, 2009

My husband and I have been married 1 year and started using pearbudget.com which was very simple and a great way to figure out how to allocate a proper budget. However, we just weren’t realistically very good about entering our expenses, therefore it got too easy to just put “a little something” on the credit card and figure out where to “categorize” it later. Now, we use mostly cash. I withdraw our amount every 2 weeks and we divide it into the proper envelopes. Since I do most of the grocery shopping, I have the grocery envelope. We have separate eating out envelopes as well as a joint eating out envelope. The only things we put on the credit card are a few bills, gas (for convenience) and online purchases (which we deposit the appropriate funds back into our checking account). It has a made a world of difference for us. It’s taught me more about the value of SEEING money – where I used to spend cash if I had it, I am now very aware of my misspending if I stray from my envelopes!

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