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This month we’re going to spend a lot of money. In fact, it’s going to be the opposite of a ‘no-spend month‘! Here’s why, and how.

My last day at my old job was officially the 31st of May, and so when I got my paycheck at the beginning of June, it included more than 2 months worth of vacation time. So after months of scrimping while I was in school and earning 40% of my salary, we are finally able to make a few big, and needed, purchases.

The first item on the list of things to spend money on is taking Rosie to the vet to get her spayed, vaccinated and tattooed. We certainly don’t want any more cute little kittens running around! Next up are new tires for one of our cars, and a few small repairs and an inspection for mine. Both these things are past due, and I’ve been really nervous about putting them off. My husband needs new glasses, as do I, but I can’t imagine that those will run us too much- my two new pairs only cost €28 out of pocket. I’ve already paid €250 to the credit card, above and beyond the monthly payment, and sent €500 to the emergency fund. Finally, I’m setting money aside for my sons’ swimming lessons this summer, which will cost about €250, I think.

But it’s ok, I think, to spend a lot of money when you’ve planned for it and prepared. We certainly aren’t indulging in a lot of luxury or frivolous items; everything on this list is something we need, with the possible exception of the swimming lessons (although I believe they’re a necessity). So I feel very justified in spending more than €1000 this month, on extra ‘stuff’!

What’s something you’ve been putting off buying or doing until you had the money?


1 Denise C. June 10, 2009

My last 2 pairs of glasses have been crushed to smithereens by my kids. (The pre-schooler). I desperately need to get my eyes examined (I know my prescription has changed). So I need an eye exam, and glasses about $250 (this is quite a bit, but frames are not cheap.) This time I am actually thinking of trying contacts out. My husband loves them, and has a pair of glasses for back-up.

My windshield on my truck needs to be replaced. There is a massive crack that seems to be growing bigger and bigger by the day, this will cost around $200.

Now….if I had “free money” and these items were taken care of, I’d splurge on a new sofa! Something big (like a sectional for extra seating) and a chaise at the end for afternoon naps! 🙂

Have a great day Kelly!

2 Kelly June 10, 2009

When we went for our eye checks, we took the whole family- which cost €250- that’s a lot of money for all at once!

3 Nancy June 10, 2009

good for you. the purchases you mentioned sound very reasonable and since they’ll all be paid for, that’s got to be a good feeling.

not sure what it is i need to do that i’ve been putting off. there’s always a list a mile long of things i’d like to have for the house but not sure they’re needed in order to survive — new bedding, new curtains, carpets cleaned. i guess if i were to have extra cash, i’d probably do that. what i would prefer would be a nice vacation to some island for sun, sand and relaxation.

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4 Emma @ Baby-log.com June 10, 2009

I needed a new laptop and was postponing this super expensive purchase forever. Luckily the old one didn’t die before the new one arrived. Well, kind of… Its monitor actually died when I was still waiting for the new one to arrive and I had to connect my husband’s monitor to the laptop’s keyboard and work that way for a week 🙂 My neck was killing me, boy was I glad when the FedEx guy knocked and handed me the new machine!

Congrats on getting your purchases done just in time.

Emma @ Baby-log.com´s last blog post..First weeks at child care: not happy, mum!

5 MoneyFunk June 10, 2009

This makes me think about the photo printer I want. In fact, last weekend I was about to put it on my Best Buy card. But that would defeat my erradicating debt plan right? I kept thinking… its just a little purchase. But, those little purchases are what got me into trouble.

So, I need approx. $150 for my photo printer. I am going to put away $25 a week for 5 weeks. Oh those sweet five weeks! 😉

Delayed gratification. You expenditures are decent. And you planned. You’ve done a great job! Its nice to see someone spending on things because they planned to do so.

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6 Kelly June 10, 2009

We’ve gone without a printer for about 4 years now, but that’s what’s right for us, not for everyone! Good job recognizing that you can save the money instead of buying it right away!

7 Sara June 11, 2009

Lucky you! Good idea to spend it on the things you need – while you have it. I’m looking at doing the same thing – finally getting around to painting the downstairs of my new house.

I’ve had good experience – good price and quality – with Uniroyal Tires, if you’re looking for a recommendation.

Don’t forget to get something fun, and smart at the same time, for you and your family!

8 Carol June 11, 2009

New glasses are definitely one of the things I’ve been putting off. Mine have too many scratches in them, and I’d love to have clear vision again. But eventually I’ll give in and write the check. At least we know a good, cheap place to get them.

Computers are a big problem! My desktop computer is five years old and beginning to run out of space–but I use it a lot for photo these days–and we still have a couple around that are ten years old. I would really love to upgrade them, and I know it would make work faster and easier. Two years ago, I said, well, maybe we’ll do it a couple of years from now. But with the economy the way it is, it’ll just have to wait a little longer.

9 Emma in Indiana June 11, 2009

My daughter is tall for a 15 month old and too tall for our standard changing table and not quite ready for potty training. She’s active too so a changing table is a must for us. I’ve been putting off getting a different one (The only ones longer are expensive). I’ve had a garage sale with my mom and now my mom in-law is having one. Since we’re not having another baby I’ve been cleaning out like crazy and should have enough for the table after all the sales are done and the house is cleaner to boot. Yeah!!!!!

10 Amy Reads Good Books June 11, 2009

Very sensible! Isn’t it amazing how all the important stuff adds up once you finally have money to tend to them? We’re debating renovating our basement. It’ll be a big expense, but we’d love to have the extra room!

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11 Syrahsuzie June 12, 2009

I’ve finally taken the plunge and ordered new glasses. My old ones are really scratched as i wear them all the time but at my age (aaagh!) I need varifocals which are really expensive here in France, but i will cut back on other things to make it possible.

BTW I love the new site – it’s very clear, easy to read and always interesting. I really like the insight into your life here in France and have opened an ING account after reading about it here.

12 Kelly June 12, 2009

Thanks! I find the new design more readable as well.

13 gic June 12, 2009

Dear Kelly, I may have missed a post or two, but didn't you start a new job very recently?..Why do you refer to it as "my old job"?..

14 Kelly June 12, 2009

I meant the job before this one! I was officially employed there until May 31, even though I was on leave (first maternity, then school) for almost two years. So they didn’t have to pay me any accumulated anything until my very last, official, day.

I’m still in my new job- and loving it!

15 gic June 12, 2009

Great to hear that.. thanks for your reply 🙂

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