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gift boxI was browsing some friends’ blogs this morning as I drank my coffee, and came across a list of perfect gifts for girlfriends. Imene is a fellow expat, although she has gone in the other direction- from France, to the US. In her post, she gives her ‘go-to’ list of gifts to give friends… gifts that she likes to give on all sorts of occasions.

I have the same sort of list. I find it hard to buy stuff for adult friends. Clothing and jewelry are often too personal, even for close friends. Often times people download music and movies themselves, not to mention that they know a lot more about the latest releases than I do. So I like to buy the kinds of things that Imene has on her list- all while trying to be frugal of course! I find that Ikea and thrift stores are some of the best sources for the perfect, frugal gift. And of course, living in France, I have been known to give a bottle or two of good wine on occasion!

What are your favorite gifts to give friends? Do you have a ‘go-to’ list of favorite frugal gifts?


1 Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog August 12, 2009

I think that frames are great frugal gifts, but I ALWAYS put a picture in them before I give them (not necessarily of us- maybe of their kids or from a party they threw). Usually, I can judge the frame style based on their home, but a nice black or silver always works.
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2 Dana August 12, 2009

I love to buy consumables for gift-giving occasions – something nice that my friends might not buy for themselves. A bottle of wine, loose-leaf tea, a fun oil-and-vinegar combination, chocolates…something along those lines!

3 Joelle August 12, 2009

A gift that isn’t necessarily frugal (but can be) is a gift card. I recently had to come up with a spur-of-the-moment gift and decided on a $10 giftcard to Coldstone Creamery. The same idea could work for Jamba Juice, Starbucks, etc. Many grocery stores have racks of gift cards (for elegant stores, restaurants, even iTunes). Gift cards are PERFECT if you have to travel and take a gift with you. I also have gotten candles or spa-type packaged gifts on sale or at discount stores for my female friends. Or I often decide on making a little gift bag of sparkling juice or fancy dried fruit or nuts.
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4 marci August 12, 2009

I second Joelle’s suggestion about gift cards. Those are the most useful gifts that I can give (of course it has to be a place they like to shop or dine at). I’m one girl who doesn’t really enjoy receiving candles or shower gel since I hardly use those items.

5 Imene August 12, 2009

One thing I also do for my friends with young children is that I give them a gift certificate for a couple of hours of babysitting…done by me.

6 Lawrence October 2, 2009

One of the best frugal gifts of all time is the e-card. Done, done, and done!

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