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This edition of the Carnival of Money Stories (#15) received a ton of entries! I’ve been very selective however, and only included what were, I think, the best stories about money, finance and frugality- there were a lot of good posts that I didn’t use simply because they weren’t stories.

Instead of choosing a theme, I’ve chosen to highlight one or two sentences from each entry that really exemplify what the story is about.


Modern Tightwad: I Can’t Do Nothing

The sign said “I may be ugly, but we’re still hungry.” I looked down and saw the most beautiful well-behaved mutt, laying so sweetly on the corner, while the homeless man tipped his hat and waved at everyone who drove by. It broke my heart because I was unprepared. Normally I keep a couple granola bars in my car, but I hadn’t restocked.

Not the Jet Set: PF advice from Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Like the flame on one candle, money can be spread around to benefit many. One candle with a large flame does not imply that others will go unlit.

Free Money Finance: My Jobs, The Dream Job Turns into a Nightmare

The dream job was everything I had hoped it would be — lots of great projects, interesting people to work with, a growing company with lots of energy, a bigger title, more money, and on and on.

Debt Kid: I’m on a Budget, Not Broke

On the contrary, we’re on a budget because we have seen the symptoms in our household of more than enough.  You know, spoilage (in children or in refrigerators, the root is the same), glut, clutter, and increased desire for “stuff.”

M is for Money: What’s Worse Than Being Underwater?

We’re approaching the point of no choice, the house will decide for us. There are repairs that we can’t put off any longer.

Len What’s an Emphyteutic Lease? (And Why You May Want to Avoid One).

Of course, I had no idea what the heck an emphyteutic lease was, but I knew it couldn’t be good because I was fairly certain my Aunt Edna had once been diagnosed with a severe case of emphyteusis that required several aggressive courses of antibiotics before it was finally brought under control.

Lazy Man and Money: How I Saved Hundreds in Half an Hour

Back to 2001, I’d often splurge on more premium cuts of meats – Porterhouse and T-Bone steaks when they came in under $4.00. That was before I got laid-off in the dot-com bust. Since then I’ve tried to become more frugal and focus on cheaper cuts of meat.

Bible Money Matters: Debt Free Story: How Frugality, Hard Work And Determination Can Lead To Debt Freedom

August 10, 2009 is a date that we will remember in our family for quite some time. It’s a day that some will think isn’t any big deal, but it’s a huge day in our family.

The Smarter Wallet: Stock Mutual Funds: Building Your First Investment Portfolio

I was in my early 20’s when I received a particular envelope through the mail (care of my employer).

Penny Jobs: Recession is a Great Opportunity to Establish Long Term Bartering Agreements

The family that we are trading with has a two year old girl, which always has clothes that no longer fit and they are in need to flowers around their house.  We have tons of flowers around our house that we could easily give away and we are constantly in need of clothes for our one year old.

The Digerati Life: Citi ThankYou Points Network: Rewards For The Shopper

Because of the transitions going on, my spouse and I have decided to make a fresh start with a new bank: might as well, since loyal customers are getting the shaft in more ways than one anyway. The banking industry should look upon this as a ripe opportunity to grab disillusioned customers (like me) who are seeking some stability.

Moolanomy: How to Avoid Inheritance Tax

A million dollars may seem a large sum – many of us don’t have a million dollars even after adding up the value of your house, retirement plans, and savings. However, I often hear “Insurance proceeds are not taxable to the recipient”. I suppose that it’s true, but this is why the conversation began with the question who owns your life insurance policy.

Miss Bankrupt: Money Lessons from My Father

Plain and simply, you do what you gotta do. And you don’t complain (which I’m working on).

J. Money: I’m So Tempted to Buy a Porsche Right Now

Seriously, would it really be that bad? I know it sounds crazy, but I really REALLY feel the need to drive a sex mobile right now (or anytime for that matter). Perhaps someone out there would like a fancy budget blog? Say, for around $100k? Anybody? Bueller? 😉

Done to Zen: Fees in Traditional IRA

While it sucks that I have to make up $1,000 to (50% over the current balance), I’m convinced that this is the right thing to do.

Christian PF: Will Social Security be around when you retire?

I am not planning on Social Security being around when I reach retirement age, because you can only go so long spending $2 when you are only making $1.

Punch Debt in the Face: I Refuse to Let My House Be an Investment

Once I get to experience the joys of home ownership, I never intend to return to renting. What does this mean? I don’t consider home ownership an investment because I am always going to need a place to live. Although it’s true that I will probably build equity in my home over the years, I am reminded there is a difference between paper gains and realized gains.

PT Money: Your Next Road Trip- Is it Better to Rent a Car or Take Your Own?

My friend David asked me about his recent car rental experience and whether I thought it helped him save money on his cross-country trip vs using his own ride.

Man Vs Debt: Should You Hate Debt… Should You Hate Anything?

And there are benefits to hate.  Let’s be honest.  It wouldn’t exist otherwise.  The question each of us have to answer is whether the long-term effects do more harm than good.  Even if so, is there a way to receive the benefits without the negative consequences?

Dough Roller: 11 Things We All Buy But Don’t Need

Particularly in financially difficult times, the last thing we should do is spend money on stuff we don’t need or even want. Yet that’s exactly what many of us do. I’m guilty of it, even though avoiding these expenses is really easy to do.

Dorian Wales: Dollar Cost Averaging – Practical Lessons From Recent Experience

I’ve been at it (Dollar Cost Averaging) for 4 months and have shown the necessary self restraint, avoiding any impulse buying and selling and sticking to my original investment plan which includes investing a fixed, identical sum at the start of every month into a well diversified ETF portfolio.

Money Blue Book: How I Started Blogging to Make Money Online

As a multi-year veteran now to the world of making money online with a blog, I’ve joined a rather unique and eclectic group of young and emerging internet entrepreneurs – individuals who have not only successfully harnessed the power of the Internet to generate real money, but who have managed to turn seemingly unassuming websites into rather lucrative income producing automatons.

Tough Money Love: Penetrating the Packaging Fine Print

This past week our gas-powered string trimmer gave its final surrender to six years of hard use. I had vowed to replace my veteran lawn mower with a lawn service when it died, but the mower is still going strong at age 13. A new string trimmer can be had for $75 (the cost of 1.5 lawn service fees) so I decided to enlist a replacement.

Cash Money Life: An Emergency Fund for Every Emergency

Unplanned expenses are a fact of life. As with anything you can choose to close your eyes and cross your fingers in hopes that they won’t happen to you, or you can prepare for them.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Infecting Others With the Personal Finance Bug – Stock Market Investing

I tell people stock market investing is like Vegas when sometimes you can beat the House.

Next week’s carnival will be hosted at Hundred Goal$. Get your submissions in now!


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