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One of the bigger decisions that we have to make at the moment is the next big thing we’re going to spend money on. At the moment, it comes down to a choice between going to the United States on vacation this December, or moving into a new apartment.

The apartment that we visited last night seems really nice, and checks almost all of the boxes it needs to check (ground floor, three bedrooms, balcony, affordable…). The two criteria it doesn’t meet are location (we had wanted to live closer to the nanny) and a kitchen big enough to eat in (this one will be a tight squeeze, but we’ll make it fit). There’s even an extra area that could be transformed into a guest/music room and office. And the best thing about this apartment, besides the fact that we’ll almost double our living space) is the fact that it’s across the street from a really, really nice park- perfect for summer evening picnics, and just general running around.

On the other hand, I’ve been really looking forward to going back to the US for a visit. I’m missing a twenty-year jr high school reunion this September, and I want to see my family and friends sometime soon. It will have been about a year and a half since our last visit, if we go in December, and any longer than that and my feet start itching for the feel of American soil.

There are advantages to both decisions- more space, seeing my family, more space, getting to see friends, more space, indulging my cravings for American junk food (the best junk food evah!). And the only disadvantage comes down to the fact that we probably won’t be able to afford to do both.

I guess this is what it means to be frugal and adult with your money. Sticking to a budget. Paying bills on time. Choosing between two things that you really want, when you can only do one.

What do you compromise on?


1 Nancy August 21, 2009

I know I make compromises, probably on a daily basis since I don’t have the kind of bank account to just do whatever the heck I want. I guess rather than seeing it as a compromise, I make choices. I wanted to do a 5 day trip to Mexico this year with our girls so they could see the ocean – – $$. Instead we did a 4 day trip to Lake of the Ozarks – – with friends, free lodging, ate meals in except for 1 evening, no air fare, etc. Life…it is what it is and we have to make the most of it. Best of luck in choosing between your two choices, a job that isn’t usually an easy one.

2 Kimber August 21, 2009

I would have waited another year before going on the vacation and saved more to go where I wanted. I would have done a Staycation and saved so much money but still had fun. Then the next year gone on the big vacation!

3 Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog August 21, 2009

I can relate with your post. I’m buying a home that I love, but I also haven’t even left my city in the past 7 months. Talk about claustrophobia! Traveling eats through savings so quickly- food, gas, airfare, hotel… I guess that’s why I chose to cut it out.
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4 Carol August 21, 2009

I think we can all relate to this post. Part of being an adult is making choices, and there are always regrets for not taking the other path. My Depression-era mother would say you are lucky to be able to do ONE of these two things–which reminds us all that, tough as things seem now, they could be a lot worse!

I hope you make the right choice, but don’t regret too much that the path not taken. There is always next year!

5 Karen R August 22, 2009

What a tough decision to make. We’re remodeling our house instead of buying a new house.

6 Marj M. August 22, 2009

Always remember that no matter which choice you make, it is the right one. There are numerous daily, weekly, etc., choices I make alse. (Just cancelled the daily newspaper, we have a computer, no biggie) That makes it $162.50 we save each year so I feel real good about that.

7 Miss M August 24, 2009

We’ve had to make a lot of compromises lately and we’ve had to change plans for the next couple of years. We (the fiance & I) are currently saving up for a home deposit and we were looking to buy in the middle of next year but we also really want to go to Europe in 2011 for 2 months. So instead of buying next year, we’ll save up our home deposit and put it in a high term deposit, then save up for our holiday. After our holiday, we can then buy and hopefully pay off our mortgage as quick as we can without any major interruptions.

We were also planning on going back home to Asia next year to visit my family since I haven’t been in years and Mr. J hasn’t been at all. But instead of both of us going, I’ll just go by myself and in a shorter timeframe so it wouldn’t make that much of an impact on our savings and I can still visit my family just in time for my niece’s HS graduation. And also so I wouldn’t feel so guilty going to Europe for 2 months without putting aside money to visit family first. So many adult choices!!

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