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Supposedly, one of the benefits to being frugal means that you use your stuff wisely and well. You don’t go out and buy excessive stuff when you don’t need it, you’re able to resist going shopping as a hobby, you even manage to say no when something’s not in your budget. And once you own something, you treat it well, and make it last. You do all that, don’t you?

Yeah, me too.


1 Rebecca September 7, 2009

Ha, I wish! I’m pretty good at most since I don’t like clutter, but when the weather changes I get the urge to update my wardrobe. Bought much too much today, in fact. Thank goodness for returns!
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2 momstheword September 7, 2009

If I am tempted to buy something that I want but don’t really “need,” one thing I do is put it into my shopping cart (or on my arm) and carry it around with me and “live” with it a bit.

After I put it in my cart it alleviates the “must have this” feeling, and as I walk around I am able to really think about whether or not it’s something I want to be spending money on. I nearly always wind up putting it back.

Of course, I still have temptation to buy, especially if it’s a “good deal” so sometimes I do buy even though I don’t really need it. Gotta work on that, lol!
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3 Carol September 7, 2009

Yeah, one of my pet peeves is people who go to warehouse stores like Costco and buy stuff because it’s on sale and they might use it one day. It’s amazing how much of this kind of stuff gets put into a closet, with the “one day” never coming. I know that stores like this really play into that mentality. It is so important to keep the savings in perspective. If you’re saving on something you can use, it’s great. But if you’re just using the fact that you’re saving as an excuse to buy stuff you don’t need, you’ve defeated the purpose.

4 Nancy September 7, 2009

Oh, I try and for the most part I do well but I have been known to make a purchase or two that I wish I hadn’t. Um, I always hang on to my receipts just in case that happens and then it’s back to the store I go to make a return!
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5 Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach September 8, 2009

Heck yes! We generally buy in garage sales quite often too….so returns are usually unnecessary. 🙂
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6 Imene September 8, 2009

I’m getting better but like alcoholics I have steps that I need to follow ;o)
– Go with a list
– never go to target or walmart
– order online. I actually do better because you get to review your cart before you pay.
– don’t shop when you’re in a bad mood, hungry or depressed.
– I buy less “stuff” and then I have more money for things I really enjoy. Like this week I got to replace my camera.
And above all I think about money as “life energy”, I learned that in the book”your money or your life”. Money is a trade-off for all the time my husband spends away from us. It gives me a different perspective
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7 S Casanova September 18, 2009

I agree, there is no point in buying something cause its on sale if you are never going to use it- thats not saving money its wasting money. @ Imene- why not go to Target or Walmart?

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