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I’ve been feeling both blah and overwhelmed the past week or so. Now that the kids have gone back to school, all the afterschool activities have started to kick in: sports, associations, back-to-school parent teacher meetings and so on. Even my days off have been filled with never-ending to-do lists and running errands non stop.

Why yes, I would like some cheese with that whine.

To top it off, I’ve been feeling less than inspired to write about frugality lately. Maybe it’s because we’ve been spending lots of money, both on fees for the kids’ after-school activities and in preparation for our move, maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about and writing about frugality for the past two years, almost non-stop. As a side note, today’s post is the 401st official published post (I cleaned out my archives about 6 months ago, and cleared out lots of clutter).

I feel like a lot of what’s being written in the blogosphere about personal finance and frugality is the same sort of information and ideas, being recycled and rewritten. I don’t want to write a post if it’s just a hack of something that has already been said elsewhere. So, even if it means posting less, I’ve decided to concentrate more fully on writing about my journey to frugality.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite links from the week:

As always, you can check out the Good Reads page or my Tumblr site Almost Frugal Finds for all my links. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


1 Sue September 13, 2009

I should think you have got a big dose of burnout after 401 postings on the subject of frugality, I know I would!

Being frugal doesn’t mean NOT spending money, it means making your money WORK the hardest for the needs of you and your family. If your children need after school activities, then your money is being well spent. If you need a holiday, then your money is being well spent. If you don’t need another pair of shoes, then that money was wasted and you weren’t being frugal.

Take a break, cut yourself some slack, and rejoice that you have the money to buy those things you need.

2 Cara September 13, 2009

Hi Kelly
Yes here in Brittany my three kids have put us into the negative numbers too…what with piano lessons, sailing, violin, guitar, scouts, aikido…and that’s not including my husband’s things (sailing too, biking…)
After all of that, plus all the equipment it requires…AÏE as we say here.
I loved last weeks’ idea on no-spend-days, and going food shopping less often…
Do you have LIDL out there? I go but sometimes I need a “Lidl” break (sorry : ) ! )
à bientôt

3 Meegan September 14, 2009

Hi Kelly!

401 posts is huge! Congratulations!!! As a regular reader, I understand and appreciate where you are coming from, regarding the whole regurgitating info/experiences just on a different blog thought…
Remember, quality not quantity. Or, think of it as frugal posting!
Good luck with the school ‘stuff’ and your schooling and moving and just well living in general over the next few weeks 🙂
.-= Meegan´s last blog ..OB Visit 3 and a visit to the new hospital =-.

4 ipek September 14, 2009

Bravo Kelly, hats off to you for your sincerity and respect for your readers 🙂

5 Nancy September 14, 2009

401st post? Girl, that’s alot. I’ve only done about 2/3 of that and I’m suffering from burnout. Cut yourself some slack.

I’m a regular reader here and enjoy your thoughts. My favorite posts are the ones that are about your personal experience with this frugal living thing — the good, the bad and the ugly. Keep it real.
.-= Nancy´s last blog ..feel good weekend =-.

6 The Digerati Life September 16, 2009

Whenever I read your stories, I swear I am reading my site! 🙂 We have so much stuff in common (as far as the day goes, same concerns…) Anyway, yes, the financial blogosphere is heavily saturated, and unfortunately, it can’t be escaped.

I can tell by the way the readers have also evolved and what they like to read, the comments they give. The topics will be beaten down to the ground and regurgitated — the question is, can you give the topic it’s own fresh twist? We all hope we can!
.-= The Digerati Life´s last blog ..Your Kid’s Allowance: How Much To Give Your Child =-.

7 Squawkfox September 17, 2009

Hey Kelly! Thank you so much for the mention. I know what you (and The Digerati Life) mean about the saturation of PF and frugal blogs. But the thing is, you’ll always have your own spin regardless of which blogger writes what. Having a unique voice to share is what makes a blog special. You’ve also blogged A LOT of posts and have a sizable audience – so what you’re writing is working. 🙂
.-= Squawkfox´s last blog ..Yep! That was me on BNN’s Headline! =-.

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