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This is What Frugal Looks Like is a series that highlights different ways that people can be frugal in their lives- after all, frugality doesn’t have to be drastic or just about clipping coupons. Frugality can be fun and easy. Each respondent answers the same four questions.

Today’s interview is with Amiyrah of 4 Hats and Frugal.

What does frugality mean to you?

One word: Diligence.  I now see frugality not as a means to stretch a buck or save some pennies, but as a way to learn diligence in anything you may want to accomplish. The only way to break down that debt or lower that grocery bill is to realize that it will take time, patience and diligence. It does not happen overnight, and neither does adjusting to a frugal lifestyle. Diligence is key!

What is something that you do that is ‘typically’ frugal?

I “cherry pick” at stores. Cherry picking is something that real frugal shoppers do to make sure they get the best deal for products they need. Instead of getting everything at one store, you search the few stores in your area and see who has the best deal. I used to shop at 2 stores at most, but now realize the importance of seeking out the best deal.

What is something frugal that you do that is unusual?

I use vinegar for EVERYTHING. I know, this is something that most frugalites use, but I decided about a year ago to research the benefits of using vinegar in all aspects of life. I use it in my foot soak to magically get rid of calluses, and I even put a capful of apple cider vinegar in our cat’s water everyday. It helps to keep his coat shiny, his teeth free of plaque, his eyes bright, and his body “working properly.” Our Vet is still amazed at how lively and healthy he is without any medication.

What are some of your long term goals that being frugal will help you to accomplish?

Like most young couples, we are hoping to save up enough to one day get our own house. But, we decided to do one better, and pay at least 50% of the house price when we buy it. It will be a hard road, but we know that this will help our growing family in the end and produce less stress for us in the long run.

Amiyrah is the author of 4 Hats and Frugal, a blog detailing her life as a Mom, Airman, Student, and Frugal Shopper. She gives us a peek at her life wearing each of her “hats” and the lessons she learns from following a frugal lifestyle.

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1 Catherine @Frugal Homemaker Plus November 6, 2009

Four Hats and Frugal is one of my favorite blogs! Thanks for interviewing Amiyrah!
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