Weekly Round-Up: That Lovely Clean Feeling

by Kelly

in Links Galore

You might think I’m a dork for admitting this, but I really like cleaning our new apartment. Maybe it’s just because it’s new, but it’s so fun to clean! OK, even I think I’m a dork now…

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite reads for the week:

Frugal tips of the week from Twitter:

  1. Frugal tip of the day: Making a list of the frugal things you do can help keep you motivated
  2. Frugal tip of the day: Cutting your kids’ hair can save you $100s every year
  3. Frugal tip of the day: Sometimes saying ‘No’ is the most frugal thing of all
  4. Frugal tip of the day: Volunteering can help you be more frugal
  5. Frugal tip of the day: Stay warm in cold weather by cuddling up to someone (even if it’s your cat!).
  6. Frugal tip of the day: If you didn’t have to be frugal anymore, what would you stop doing?
  7. Frugal tip of the day: It can be fun for kids to play with their food… and frugal too, with these ideas!

As always, you can check out the Good Reads page or my Tumblr site Almost Frugal Finds for all my links. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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