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This guest post is from Craig Kessler, marketing director at He manages the BudgetPulse Blog and can also be reached on Twitter.


Imagine this scenario, if you will.

Jen is captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. She loves her teammates and puts so much effort into the squad, with practices, helping new girls out, and working on new dance routines and cheers. Football season is approaching and they have a chance to go to State.

Jen and the other members of the squad really want to support the football team and they also want to look their best on the sidelines when doing so. The current uniforms they have are 5 years old, worn out and the color is fading. The team wants new uniforms for the season but there is no room in the school budget. If they want new uniforms they will have to raise the money themselves. How can Jen and the team raise money?

This might seem like just another hypothetical example, but given the realities of budget cuts and low funding, it is more and more important for teams, groups and associations to raise money for their extracurricular budget needs.

One easy way to raise money (not your old fashioned Saturday car wash event!) might be to create an online savings goals fund. By setting up an online savings goals fund, the team will have a central place for their goal, allowing everyone involved to track their fundraising progress and giving motivation to the squad to raise money. This helps the team to contact friends, family and people in the community about their goal, asking them for help with raising money for the uniforms. Everyone will then be able to view their goal, can see how much money has already been collected and, if desired, can even contribute more. This makes raising money for uniforms (or any other fundraising goal, of course) a team effort.

BudgetPulse has just released a brand new saving goals function to integrate with its personal budgeting software. Now you can set up a savings goal, collect money (via PayPal or Amazon), and then be able to track the transactions associated with it and the income and expenses with the budgeting aspect, all in one tool. You no longer have to use multiple programs to accomplish the same task. Achieving your financial goals still takes a lot of hard work, but this tool, we feel, makes it just that much easier.

About Budget Pulse:

BudgetPulse is a free online personal budgeting tool that offers the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. It was designed so that anyone can quickly and easily take control of their personal finances.

There are no downloads. No complicated software. In addition, by not requiring personal credit card or bank information, BudgetPulse effectively eliminates the risk of identity theft. BudgetPulse does not sync account information with banks, so our members finally have a useful tool for online budgeting.


1 Craig November 16, 2009

Thank you for the opportunity and hope the story was a helpful way to show how setting a savings goals can really help out. If anyone has any questions about the new functionality, please feel free to contact me.

Craig Kessler

Marketing Director at BudgetPulse

[email protected]

2 Lawrence @ CRB November 21, 2009

I really like the idea of BudgetPulse and will definitely check it out. I can see the potential of suggesting it to clients.

3 Craig November 23, 2009

@Lawrence Thank you for the kind words. Let me know what you think and feel free to contact me with any questions. Would love to hear any feedback.

Craig Kessler
Marketing Director at BudgetPulse
[email protected]

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