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This is What Frugal Looks Like is a series that highlights different ways that people can be frugal in their lives- after all, frugality doesn’t have to be drastic or just about clipping coupons. Frugality can be fun and easy. Each respondent answers the same four questions.

Today’s interview is with Me from Me in Millions.

What does frugality mean to you?

Frugality means using your resources wisely. It means not surrounding yourself with cheap crap, but buying quality things that will last. It means buying things you use and not just buying things because they’re inexpensive. To me being frugal also has to do with being “green” and being minimalist, two things that I am trying to incorporate more into my life.

What is something that you do that is ‘typically’ frugally?

I always bring my lunch to work. I gave up on drinking soda (and I don’t miss it!). I do my best to match up coupons with sales (it’s such a rush to see how much money I save after each trip!). I open my windows and use fans instead of the AC. I try to unplug electronics when not in use.

What is something frugal that you do that is unusual?

I basically stopped using paper towels (I’ve had the same roll for more than two months!). I have a “clean” towel and a “dirty” towel in my kitchen and bathroom. The clean towel is used for hands and drying fruit and the dirty towel is for wiping up spills and drying the countertop. I have a rule that I only go out to eat with others, if I’m by myself I eat at home. I keep some convenience foods (like microwaveable meals and frozen pizzas) in my freezer for when I’m feeling lazy and tempted to eat out.

What are some of your long term goals that being frugal will help you to accomplish?

I dream of owning a house and eventually a beach house. Living in the DC metro area is sooo expensive, so I need to save a lot of money to afford that first dream place. I would also like to not have to work for the rest of my life. I’d love to drop to part time or stop working eventually in life, especially once I have a family (a loooong time down the road).

Some of My Favorite Blog Posts

About Me in Millions

I am a twenty something single girl living just outside of Washington DC in Arlington, VA. I write anonymously, so I feel comfortable sharing some pretty personal financial details. I blog a lot about simplifying my life (I have my Get Rid of Stuff Sundays where I purge 7 items from my apartment each week), about my goals, about my monthly spending, rants about various things, and I’m trying to incorporate a little teaching about my religion, Judaism (though it’s to be educational and not preachy!). I also take the time in each post to think about something I’m grateful or thankful for and share it at the bottom of each post.


1 me in millions November 19, 2009

Yay! I'm famous! Thanks for having me 🙂
.-= me in millions´s last blog ..It's hard to be a Jew at Christmas… =-.

2 Kasey at Thrifty Lit November 19, 2009

I love the rule of only eating out with other people! When I'm tempted to go to a fast food place and pick up food, I just swing over to a grocery store and pick up an 'expensive' $4 microwave meal like Amy's instead.
.-= Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog´s last blog ..I've Hit the Wall =-.

3 Simplelivin' November 19, 2009

I've stopped using paper towels too! We had our last roll run out a few months ago and have only missed them once when I had to wrap potatoes to microwave them.

4 Cassie November 20, 2009

I really need to stop using paper towels. I use them for everything, whoops. I love your clean towel/dirty towel idea. I'm definetely going to try doing that! 🙂 Oh and paper towels will still be used, but for gross stuff like meat juice – ewwww.
.-= Cassie´s last blog ..Can you go to the doctor for “spray paint finger”? =-.

5 Credit Card Chaser November 20, 2009

Time to order some ShamWow's 🙂
.-= Credit Card Chaser´s last blog ..What’s Next? A Federal Government Public Option Credit Card? =-.

6 Lawrence @ CRB November 21, 2009

I think paper towels is one of the biggest wastes of money in and around the kitchen.

7 Financial Samurai November 22, 2009

DC is expensive, but it is SO CHEAP compared to NYC and SF. You guys don’t know how good you’ve got it! 🙂
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Everything Is Relative Superstar – Being Happy With What You Have =-.

8 SS4BC November 30, 2009

Wooo! Go Me! =D
.-= SS4BC´s last blog ..Living Abroad? =-.

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