Tell Us Tuesday: How Have You Saved Money Today?

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Every day I try to do something that saves money. Whether it’s cutting my family members’ hair, packing leftovers for lunch or going to the bathroom before I leave work (no, really!), it’s all in tune with the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

How have you saved money today?


1 Junebug February 9, 2010

I made our coffee and breakfast this morning instead of stopping at *bucks or Micky D’s.
I sold some items on Craig’s that are being picked up today. (made money – cut clutter)
Calling a company about a $17 charge that I shouldn’t have. Small charge but it should save me money if I fight it.
Wow! Thanks for making me feel so good knowing I saved money so early in the morning already.
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2 Shauna February 9, 2010

-didn’t get a Starbucks eventhough I walked right by and it smelled sooooo good
-found another deduction for our taxes
-breastfed and cloth diapered my babe

3 Kim February 9, 2010

I made a handmade a card for a co-worker

I drank water from the cooler at work

My boss took me out for lunch

I walked to a friend's house instead of taking a cab

4 Dirac February 9, 2010

Made coffee at home along with breakfast. $3.00
Brown bagged my lunch. $5.68
Drank free coffee @ work. $1.35
Drank free filtered water @ work. $1.00
Walked to train, no park, no pay. $4.00
Made ice coffee (for afternoon) using free coffee @ work. $1.75
Made my own sports drink for hockey tonight. $1.75
Refilled water bottle instead of buying new. $1.00

Stole a bunch of offices supplies…JUST KIDDING. Did not do that.

5 Kelly February 9, 2010


6 JNUrbanski February 9, 2010

Rode my bike around the park instead of paying for a gym. There’s so much exercise you can do for free that gym memberships are an extravagance.

7 Kathy W February 10, 2010

1. Ran the dishwasher using homemade dish detergent.

2. Ate lunch at home.

3. Didn't crank the car all day.

4. Washed and ironed my husband's shirts instead of taking them to the laundry.

5. Cooked dinner in the crockpot.

6. Found cheaper car insurance on the internet.

8 Bette February 10, 2010

Hey, Kathy W,

Would you mind sharing your recipe for homemade dishwasher detergent? I would love to try it! Thanks.


9 iamtheworkingpoor February 10, 2010

Even though there were some terrific sales I decided the grocery shopping could wait. There are alway sales and the pantry and freezer are still well stocked. Truth is, it’s my first day off in over ten days and I just didn’t want to leave the house. 🙂
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10 Kimberly February 10, 2010

That's hilarious about going to the bathroom before leaving work, but I have to admit I've done that for the same reason, eek!

I pulled the curtains back and turned the lights off. We get more light doing it that way and it brightens my mood!

I made pancakes for breakfast and blt's for lunch. We went out for supper but only spent $6 for 2 people because I had a coupon. Does that justify it!?

The stole things comment made me laugh!!! 🙂

11 cristy February 10, 2010

that was 2 laying hens
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12 cristy February 10, 2010

I stayed home and cooked everything from scratch, My husband took leftovers for lunch and a thermos of coffee, and I also gained to laying hens that was given to me.

13 Aspiring Millionaire February 10, 2010

This week I set a goal of not eating out more than 3 times.

I didn't eat out on Monday or Tuesday. I guess I can say that I saved money today by not eating out. In addition, one of my clients gave me dinner.
.-= Aspiring Millionaire @´s last blog ..Goals for February 8th, 2010 =-.

14 amanda more February 10, 2010

I wrote on my eee pc at Panera's and made use of their limitless coffee. Since I take milk and sugar, it does come to $1.80 and I am getting around 8 ounces of milk worth about 20cents at home. The coffee may cost 30 cents but the stuff at home isn't watered down. I also refilled with soda pop that costs about 50 cents at home. So this would be about $1.10 at home. Considering I had free internet – not bad. If I paid for internet at home it runs $1.50 a day. If I'm out of the house anyway so transportation isn't figured, I save 70 cents! If you want your foods figured free go to my eatingon1.wordpress blog or to see how my coauthor traveled the world on his savings Can you think of 5 foods for free financial costing?
.-= amanda more´s last blog ..To save $ to help,can you think up five foods? =-.

15 Anita February 10, 2010

I made my own whole wheat flour tortillas and I topped them with left over chili, cheese and salsa I made from scratch.
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16 Kayla K@Kayla K&#039 February 10, 2010

I'm out of oatmeal so instead of running to the grocery store I'm having fried breakfast potatoes. Not much else has been accomplished, although I'm going to make myself some coffee before class instead of buying it on my way.
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17 Heather February 12, 2010

Let's see… When I first wake up, I open all of the blinds to let the sunlight in and I don't turn on the lights until it gets dark out. I used leftover chicken to make a gumbo and I packed my hubby's lunch w/ some leftovers for work (he also drinks free cofee and water at work). I use a surge protector on my major appliances (tv w/ video game consoles, etc… and 1 for computer and accessories) and I turn them off when not in use. I didn't turn my computer on until tonight so that saved energy. Oh, and we received free samples of cofee in the mail so I used 1 of them for my "destressor" today.

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