Why I’m Almost Frugal: An Introduction

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Since it’s my first post as a contributor at Almost Frugal, I thought it was only right to first say hi, and what I’m doing here.

My name is Nicole Ouellette and I started a personal finance blog around the time that Kelly started Almost Frugal. We initially bonded over speaking French and living frugally and became online friends. When Kelly asked me to contribute, I was really flattered because this is a great blog and it’s nice to get back to my personal finance blogging roots.

I live in the United States, more specifically in the state of Maine. Because where I live is rural, a lot of my life is do it yourself out of necessity but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. As you folks know, DIY is a great way to save cash and learn new things so I’ll write about some of those exploits here.

I look like a fresh faced gal straight out of college but if you look closely enough, you’ll notice some grey hair. Some of that grey (and some smile lines, to be fair) have come from running my own business. I’ll soon be in year two of small business ownership, which is my motivation for staying in money saving mode. Business will no doubt come up in my posts.

And, of course, there is the rest of my life, otherwise known as what I like: food, outdoor recreation, travel, good design, stories, French things, the internet, great friends, and a supportive family. These are what I spend my money and time on, my priorities. Being frugal doesn’t mean deprivation but instead putting money towards what matters, and I’ll be writing also about how I do this. Almost frugal for sure!

So expect from me a mixture of DIY posts, saving money tips, and some stories with a (hopefully) fun mixture of business and pleasure.

If you want to know a bit more about my personal finance backgroud/journey up to now, you can read this post at Blunt Money or check out the old Breaking Even blog. And for more about how and why I started my own business, check out this post I wrote on BudgetsAreSexy or this post on The Takeaway blog.

I can’t wait to get to know the Almost Frugal community even better. So “Hello” and “Bonjour” to you!


1 Simple in France March 11, 2010

Excellent, more frugal francophile bloggers! I look forward to getting more DIY ideas and perspectives–and learning about your small business. Sounds interesting.

2 Laura@move to portug March 12, 2010

Hi Nicole and welcome! Looking forward to your posts on Almost Frugal 🙂

3 Kate March 12, 2010

Good to have another frugal convert on board.
DIY i hate it but have to do it as i too am self employed and money is hard to come by.

So any DIY
y tips will always go down well. 🙂

4 Emily March 13, 2010

Hi Nicole! I’m very interested and excited in your DIY projects – we’re working on a trash can composter this weekend. So bring it, girl! 🙂

5 Laura March 13, 2010

We also live in the country and find that living the way we live is partially out of necessity and partially just a choice we’ve made in life. For the previous poster we have a pickle barrel composter that I will probably getting around to posting on my own blog one of these days.
.-= Laura´s last blog ..Gluten Free Quick Pizza =-.

6 Nicole at Almost Fru March 16, 2010

Alright, this settles it, this week's post will be my adventures with TVP (that's texturized vegetable protein). Stay tuned, in the comments I hope to collect some other successful recipes!

7 J. Money March 18, 2010

Hey! Very cool to see you on here Nicole 🙂 We’re like one happy blog family around these parts.

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