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I’m pleased to officially present three new frugal voices on Almost Frugal.

While Almost Frugal started out as the story of one woman’s journey towards frugality (me), it is now a group blog as I wanted to take the opportunity to bring some new and different voices onboard.

I asked Beth, Emily and Nicole to help write for Almost Frugal because I feel like we all have things in common (living abroad, small kids, entrepreneurship, the immigrant experience, Frenchness), yet we all have different things to contribute as well.

Almost Frugal now brings together the voices of four women as we talk about frugality, our relationships with money, trying to feed our family for less, still living the good life and so much more. For us, being frugal doesn’t mean deprivation, it means being smart with your spending, saving and money goals.

I was incredibly lucky that these three talented women agreed to write for Almost Frugal. Here they are!

Beth: the only one of the three who I know in real life, Beth lives close to me and is also American. Our kids are close in age, and we first bonded over kid stuff, but she’s much more financially put together than I am! She will be writing on Wednesdays.

From Beth’s about page:

By day I’m Mrs. Gourbiere, teacher of English in an international school.  By night, I’m just Beth- wife, mama to two amazing girls, and aspiring writer.  In France for the past five years, I’m still mastering the art of the French language, although I’ve definitely become a better cook!

I don’t know much about personal finance (I think it involves math?) but I believe in living simply and within my means.  I enjoy the occasional splurge as much as the next person, but I don’t think having more stuff makes you happier.  I’m also a planner, so I tend to think more long-term than day-to-day, and I like finding creative ways of using what I already have.

Nicole– a long time Almost Frugal reader, who also has her own blog (home to Too Cute Tuesdays)  but more importantly her own communication consulting business. She will be writing on Thursdays.

From Nicole’s about page:

My name is Nicole Ouellette and I’m a contributor at Almost Frugal. I am a 28 year old single woman living in rural Maine, tucked in the northeast corner of the United States. I am the owner of my own business, Breaking Even Communications, which helps small businesses and non-profits market themselves online. Being a one woman operation and in year two of full time small business ownership, I am in frugal mode on all fronts. A lot of my life is DIY, listening to good advice, and realizing when I can’t go it alone.

In addition to my business and blogging, I love the outdoors and living in Maine  allows me to hike, bike, ski, and otherwise recreate in the great outdoors. I also love lemons, dogs with short legs, good design, French things, travel, and social media websites. I am known for telling good stories, knowing the lyrics of even the most obscure songs, and putting people at ease. I live by the motto that it makes a great story, you should do it.

Before changing to a business and marketing focus, my own blog Breaking Even was a personal finance blog. I’ve been reading Almost Frugal since the beginning and it’s exciting to be contributing, and to hear more from the people who read it.

Emily– another long time Almost Frugal reader. Emily has her own blog Mumblings from Troy, Ohio. She homeschools her little boy and owns an international pizza franchise with her husband. She will be writing on Tuesdays.

From Emily’s about page:

  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Female
  • Astrological Sign: Capricorn
  • Zodiac Year: Tiger
  • Occupation: Jill of all trades
  • Location: Troy : Ohio : United States
  • Personal Blog: Mumblings from Troy, Ohio

About Me

Bible-thumping, 30-something, happily married, infertile (or so I thought!), overweight, eccentric, opinionated, survivor of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and foreclosure, self-proclaimed frugalista, and mother of a spunky, devastatingly handsome homeschooling 1st grader with the attention span of the proverbial fruit fly, and a little girl angel who waits for me in Jesus’ arms.


  • Balance
  • between being a SAHM and wife of a small business owner. I’m a frugalista
  • so anything that has to do with saving money. I love to cook
  • concentrating on healthy
  • cheap meals that can be frozen. Also reading
  • music
  • long baths
  • and reality shows.

Almost Frugal is still, most of all, a community. Because learning about frugality is easier when you are with friends, join us as we journey towards frugality together, sharing tips, tricks and support along the way.



1 Simple in France March 16, 2010

I’ve said this before I think, but I’m excited to ‘get to know’ more frugal and blogging US expats in France and French expats in the US. . .I really did not think there were that many of us out there!

Looking forward to good reading.
.-= Simple in France´s last blog ..Spring, sprouts, newborns and new creations. . . =-.

2 Kelly March 16, 2010

There aren’t a whole lot of us! I imagine there are some expats in the US writing about frugality, and some Canadians. I bet there are some French blogs on living frugally as well.

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