Tell Us Tuesday: Making More Money

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When people first hop on board on the ‘Spending Less, Living Frugally, Saving Money’ train, they often hear two pieces of advice:

Spend Less. Earn More.

The first of these isn’t easy, as anyone who has tried to cut out treasured indulgances knows. Nor is it easy to go ask your boss for a raise, or find more clients and customers, if you’re in business for yourself. But I find that earning more isn’t as hard as one might think, if you’re creative about it.

Almost Frugal writer Emily was looking for ways to increase the budget she had allocated for her son’s Christmas gifts, for example. She ended up making and selling nearly a hundred in a six week period, as well as agreeing to supply cheesecakes to a local restaurant. That’s a good way to earn extra money!

How do you earn extra money?

(There’s a great thread over in the WiseBread forums, on this very topic, if you’re looking for inspiration!)


1 Sarah H. March 23, 2010

I’ve started a small shop on Etsy, to help bring in some more money for our growing family of almost 7, as I stay home during the day while my hubby works and goes to school. Come check it out at ……

2 Random Thoughts of a Jersey Mom March 23, 2010

I find spending less a challenge but a good one. I don’t want to stop doing things that we enjoy but find ways to cut spending on certain things we don’t care as much about. I’ve been saving the family a lot of money by doing simple things: cut my husband & kids’ hair myself, do yard work myself, and more… basically, things that many people would pay someone else to do.
.-= Random Thoughts of a Jersey Mom´s last blog ..Spending Hard-Earned Money =-.

3 Gayle McLaughlin March 23, 2010

I have tried to cut back on everything. One way I am saving money is to watch cable TV online–I am slowly learning to watch sports through my PC and connect it to my 55″ TV. I also have taken a good look at every category of spending we have AND I am trying to write on the web for freelance jobs. This can help.
.-= Gayle McLaughlin´s last blog ..Find Old Friend’s Emails =-.

4 Simple in France March 23, 2010

As teachers, when we want to earn a little extra money, there is always tutoring–and when you’re talking about money for extras and ‘fun’ it stacks up pretty fast. But you know, I haven’t given it a ton of thought. I usually work hard to not spend what I do earn. . .this is an interesting subject!
.-= Simple in France´s last blog ..Fighting clutter: can it be painless? =-.

5 Alison@This Wasn't In The Plan March 23, 2010

Besides blogging, I do some tutoring as well. We don’t include any of my income in our budgeted income totals – it’s too random to plan on. That means that it’s always “extra” income that can go straight to savings.
.-= Alison@This Wasn’t In The Plan´s last blog ..Lessons from the NCAA Tournament =-.

6 Nicole at Almost Frugal March 24, 2010

I’ve taught adult ed, tutored French, and dogsat. Thing is you can’t count on any side hustles like this for regular income but it is definitely good ‘fun money’.
.-= Nicole at Almost Frugal´s last blog ..Hitting Our Limit =-.

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