Survey Shows Financial Press and Bloggers are Key Investor Influencers

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Sharebuilder and ING Direct recently published a survey on the investor sentiment of younger and older Americans. There were some interesting statistics that I thought I would share with you.

  • Forty-three percent (43 percent) of those 21 to 39 years old plan to invest more in 2010 compared to 33 percent of those 40 to 65 years old
  • Almost half (49 percent) of those 40 – 65 have reduced or eliminated their reliance on financial professionals
  • Almost half (48 percent) of younger investors think they need more than $500 to start investing, compared to 56 percent of older investors
  • Almost one-third (30 percent) of the younger group say their parents had the biggest influence in getting them started investing

From the press release:

ShareBuilder from ING DIRECT USA announced today the results of a first-of-its-kind comprehensive survey that measured investor sentiment by age groups. After a decade of economic challenges and a rollercoaster stock market, the survey reveals how younger and older investors uniquely perceive market opportunities in 2010 and how their investment habits differ. Overall, the survey found investors of all ages have not been beaten down by poor portfolio performances or negative news about the stock market. Instead, they are highly optimistic with plans to invest more this year than last, expecting higher returns in 2010 and taking a more hands-on approach to their investment decisions.

For a press release, it’s actually an interesting read!

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1 Simple in France March 24, 2010

Interesting! Thanks for keeping us up to speed on that. I have to say, I find myself lumped in to the people who would not want to depend on an ‘expert’ to help me with my money and that I’m interested in investing more and better in the future. Fascinating that they’ve done that research!

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