Weekly Round-Up: Springing and Sprunging

by Kelly

in Links Galore

Spring is here- it’s official! The bulbs are budding, birds are building their nests and it’s (barely) warm enough to go outside with Crocs on.

We’ve been taking advantage of the sunny weather to teach our boys how to ride their bikes without training wheels- good times! (As an aside: when our boys first got their bikes, they had training wheels on them, so not only did they have to first learn how to ride with training wheels on, they are also going to have to learn with the training wheels off. But our neighbor, father to six, gave us a great tip: take the pedals off the bike at first, like those fancy push bikes you sometimes see. This lets the kid learn balance and stopping skills first, and then peddling skills after– all on a regular bike. We’re going to try this with my daughter in a year or two.)

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite reads for the week:

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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