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I think one of the reasons that people blow their budgets is because they’re bored. Bored of doing the same old thing, bored because they’re used to doing something new. It’s a little like a child, always wanting to do something different. But like a child, some of the most basic entertainment can be the best!

I have pretty simple tastes when it comes to keeping myself occupied. For example, we don’t have cable (other than what’s bundled with our phone and internet), so we don’t watch a lot of TV. But I do love to watch movies and DVDs of good TV shows (West Wing and Mad Men are in almost constant rotation). So my friends and I share our DVDs with each other- I haven’t rented a DVD in years, and the ones I buy are ones I love dearly and watch constantly (see above). I feel that there’s nothing wrong with spending money on something, as long as you get a lot of value and pleasure from it.

What are your favorite forms of cheap or frugal home entertainment?


1 Simple in France March 30, 2010

Ok, we’re cheap-o’s but we like using our internet (we have an internet/phone connection that costs us 30 euros a month). We also watch occasional movies on my husband’s computer (no TV, no cable and no French TV tax!)

I make cookies and tea for evening or afternoon treats.
We also read together.

Oh, and a personal favorite: exchange of massages with your spouse–cheap yet heavenly after a long, hard day.
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2 Junebug March 30, 2010

We are huge netflix fans. Hubby loves anime so it is much more affordable to netflix then buy them. Plus, now we can watch instantly and that provides even more entertainment. It is cheaper then one DVD(new) or one night at the movies for two(minus the snacks). I air-pop popcorn to keep the atmosphere up at the house.

We spend lots of time at our local library. They have some great free programs. We saw all the academy nominated shorts for free at the library last month. Plus, recently we learned the joy of trading in books at a local store and use our credit to keep a revolving library of sorts instead of adding to our home library as we try to downsize.

I catch many of my tv shows on hulu. So much so that as soon as our contract is up I’m canceling our satellite.

We walk/hike our dogs lots. I get free emails from our local paper and keep my eyes open for free or really cheap movies, exhibits, concerts and such that we can partake in. Our art museum is free on Saturdays for instance. I can usher at a the theatre to see the show for free.

3 Kelly March 31, 2010

Wow Junebug, you’re a treasure trove!

4 Random Thoughts of a Jersey Mom March 30, 2010

We do family activities like: fly a kite, play boardgames, and backyard sports

Husband and I like to watch Suze Orman on Saturday nights.
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5 MarionG March 31, 2010

I have had no cable in over a year and it seems that’s getting to be a trend. All we have is internet and phone. Soon I’ll be like my friends and switch so my only phone is a cell.
We only watch TV on our computer using a slingbox or downloading shows onto a portable hard drive and then watching them on our TV. Most TV stations here have their shows available to watch the next day with no commercials. One of my sons bought me a remote for my portable hard drive so I no longer have to use my laptop and get up to pause or change a show. It’s so sweet. Saves lots of money too. Check it out.

6 Kelly March 31, 2010

Good ideas Marion! The only problem with just having a cell phone is that when you have house guests, there’s no landline for them to use. We have this problem when we visit my mom- either she leaves her phone with us and she doesn’t have a phone, or we don’t.

7 Robyn March 31, 2010

I love to check out DVDs from the library. San Jose has a great library system and I can borrow several DVDs at once and I’m set for a couple of weeks!

I’m also fond of long walks — it’s just so nice to get fresh air! I’ll take a good book to a coffee shop and spend $1.50 on a cup of coffee and spend hours there . . . There are lots of easy, cheap entertainment options when you live in a pretty big city — you just have to look for them! :o)
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8 Kelly March 31, 2010

Living in a big city makes being frugal so much easier in many ways- not just entertainment wise! Although long walks are great in the country too!

9 Budget Gal Angie March 31, 2010

We get movies from the library, they're free! We also rent movies from Redbox which are only $1 per movie. They have new releases and have a great selection.

We also do family game nights which are free. We have several board games and we have a great time playing while munching on some homemade snacks.

Did you know that you can make microwave popcorn in a paperbag using regular popcorn kernels? You can make a bag for pennies compared to the expensive store bought microwave popcorn.
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10 Kelly March 31, 2010

I’d love to start a multi-family game night- I went to some in the States and they were a blast!

Just a word of caution- it can be dangerous to use anything other than a store-bought microwave popper bag to pop popcorn in the microwave. Better to pop it the old fashioned way- in a pot with a heavy fitting lid. Then drizzle with real butter…

11 Aspiring Millionaire @ March 31, 2010

For me, it’s books, good music, dim lighting, and the window open with fresh air coming in. 🙂

12 Emily April 5, 2010

Picking out a cookbook from the library with my son and, together, cooking a new recipe. It’s great experience for him, we get to try something new, and we get to eat it – score! 🙂

13 JFR April 13, 2010

We like to read books and borrow DVD’s from the local library. We read a lot of blogs and we watch a lot of random videos on YouTube. We especially like to play board and card games with our kids. When the weather is great, it’s really nice to walk outdoors. Finally, you can get the best free entertainment ever in your bedroom at night!
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