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Where we live is more than just the dwelling in which we reside. It’s walls, inside and outside, a setting, an environment, a community. Where we choose to live says what we can (or can’t) afford to pay, shows what our preferences are -city or country- or shows that there is little choice involved at all- like being tied to a house because there’s no way to sell it, for example, or a part of the country (world) for familial or professional reasons. But above all, it’s often emotional.

As I was taking my son to school this morning, I realized (again) how much I love living in the neighborhood we live in. I like being in the heart of the city, but it still feels like a small community- I recognize people I know walking down the street, I stop and talk to the other moms at school. Our neighborhood feels like a good mix of cultures, income levels and experiences, with not too much of this and not too much of that. I feel like it feels like me!

What does your home and your neighborhood say about you?


1 Karen June 1, 2010

We live in a quiet lake-side cul-de-sac in a 20ish year old pole house on the outskirts of a busy, upmarket surf-oriented resort town. We can dip in and out of the tourist precincts as we like…yet feel like we live quite out of the way in the trees. We like to think we could have busier, more ‘cultured’ lives if we wanted…but are really quite happy chilling at home with a book most days. With two boys under 4 years this suits us very well. However my husband refuses to invest in more storage spaces around the house so we are forced to ‘live lite’. This way we can (in theory) travel anywhere we like with ease…but we really do like it right here. Options. Our home says we are people who like options.

2 JanB June 1, 2010

We moved from a city to a very small town, about 300 residents and the next closest towns are all about 18 miles away. It’s very quiet and peaceful. I like it. It was hard to adjust, but after 8 years we are nicely settled in.
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3 June 1, 2010

This morning when i was taking an early morning walk through my neighborhood (which is really one long street that dead ends into a park but has a few cul de sacs) i was noticing how every house on this street is groomed and well taken care of. It looks like a street that is ‘loved’. We bought the ‘junky’ house on the street 3 years ago and gutted it, completely remodeled interior & exterior (the neighbors liked to joke that we built a house over a house) but i know they are quite pleased as we were the eyesore.

It’s a small city, about 2000 residents scattered about a wide area. We don’t have much in the way of shopping, restaurants or such. The nearest wal-mart is about 20 mins away and there are a few scattered stores in that area. We have a dollar general, CVS & a couple mom/pop groceries to choose from. For eating we have a Wendy’s, Grandy’s & Dairy Queen. That’s it. Well except for the few mom/pop eateries too.

Been here 10 years from a big metro city. Huge adjustment at first but we are doing okay now. I have gotten to like the laid-back atmosphere around here. (Unless you need something done, then you better not be in any hurry)….

4 Molly June 1, 2010

I want your neighborhood!

5 Jenna June 2, 2010

Our neighborhood is typical suburbia. Nothing special there. However, our home is very inviting. We actually don’t have a kitchen table, just a huge granite counter top. When you get invited for dinner, then time you show up is the time we start cooking. Which is an interactive event, everyone helps and every one talks. I love it!

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