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Let’s talk about frugal wedding gift ideas.

It’s June, which means that long white dresses, flower bouquets and wedding cakes are in the air. Well, let’s hope not literally! While I’m at a such an age that most of my friends got married (ahem) a few years ago, we are still invited to at least one wedding a summer. And I still cry. Sniff.

There’s not the taboo in France that I remember there being in the US in regards to cash presents. Here it is more than acceptable to give cash to the happy couple, and most people don’t even bother with a small ‘token’ gift to go along with the enveloppe. The other traditional gift is a plant- flowering or no-, but something that will keep on growing (we hope), just like the couple’s love will keep on growing (even more hope).

I like giving cash, because I feel like the money will be used to buy something the recipients really want. And I love giving plants mostly because we got so many beautiful ones for our own wedding.

What are some of your favorite frugal wedding (or bridal/groom shower) gift ideas?


1 Jenna June 29, 2010

Those that have some funny story that go along with the gift. This summer I’m going to a wedding of some friends who love camping. Last summer I brought my REI ice cream maker and the groom to be broke it and felt horrible. Lucky for me, I took it back to REI and got a brand new one for FREE. This summer they are getting married so I got them their own (yeah dividend check) and am planning on putting a cute card inside “may you have many sweet years together”. I was planning on getting it anyways and was pretty stoked to find it on their wedding registry as well.

2 Kelly June 30, 2010

That’s a thoughtful gift…I’m still hung up on the gift registry at REI! (though it has been years since I lived in the US!)

3 Jenna June 30, 2010

If you like the outdoors it’s a great place to register in the States!

4 Amy3e June 30, 2010

I hate giving money at weddings. My girlfriend found a great gift idea of watercolors on the place the couple either met, went to school, got engaged or someplace of personal significance to them.. we both now do it all the time. We found the idea here the couples always really like them and they are so personal.

5 Kelly June 30, 2010

That is a nice idea!

6 nopinkhere June 30, 2010

The only weddings we have been to recently (or are going to soon) require quite a bit of travel. So our present is mostly our presence. Given that we have two small kiddos, it takes a bit of money and effort for us just to get there.

7 Erin K June 30, 2010

I think the coolest gift we got at our wedding (and now give all of our friends and family) was a laundry basket full of essentials…
light bulbs, scissors, tape, cleaning products, dish towels, dish soap, etc…whatever we budget for the gift I spend over the few weeks before the wedding. I use coupons, the dollar store and clearance to make my budgeted amount go as far as I can….most couples tell us it is the best present they got!

8 Jenna June 30, 2010

I got a similar present when I graduated from high school, but it was all small gifts one could use in a dorm room and for tailgating. Best part was my college’s colors in duck tape (and my favorite color too)!

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