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It’s garage sale season in the United States- and oh! how I miss it! Garage sales, or to use the literal translation for vide grenier, attic empty-ers, are not authorized in France except as part of a group sale sanctioned by the town and published in advance. You often even have to pay a fee to participate and are only allowed to participate in two events a year. I haven’t participated in one for a long time, but I was inspired by this post in The Dollar Stretcher newsletter, to ask you:

What are your garage sale strategies? Do you hold them, or just go to them? Love them or hate them?


1 Annie Jones July 13, 2010

Because we are so busy this summer with our garden, we are not having a garage sale this season. We usually have one a year and sometimes two.

When I hold a sale, I make sure the items are clean, clearly priced and well-organized, almost like a department store. I don’t run ads in newspapers, but I do put up a craigslist ad and we put up 20-25 signs around our town. They are simple signs that just say SALE and the address with a directional arrow. They are all the same color and very easy to read. We get comments on how helpful our signs are every time we have a sale.

Our average income from a 2-day sale is $500. This somehow holds true whether or not we have large items or just a lot of small things.

As for going to other people’s sales, I absolutely love them! I have no strategy other than going to as many as I’m in the mood for and having a good time. 🙂

2 Marci July 13, 2010

My hubby and I live in Pennsylvania, US, and we usually have an annual yardsale to clear out the clutter. This year we had one in early summer and will have a second in the fall because we will be moving and downsizing.

I agree with Annie Jones. You have to make sure all your items are clean and well marked and that your stuff is well organized, otherwise, most people will not be interested in looking through the mess. I also go yardsaling and think about the kinds of sales I enjoy looking through or not…organized, clean and well marked always win out. This simple steps always help maximize profit.

We post an ad on Craigslist and put signs up around town, as well as well signs and balloons on our property the day of the sale. In our area, for the amount of stuff we usually have to sell, for a one-day sale we usually make around $200.00.

We love to yardsale but since we are moving, we are trying to reduce the amount of possession we have to haul around, so this year we have only gone to a few and have been very selective about our purchases.

I recently found your blog and love following your posts. I look forward to reading more in the future!

3 Laura July 13, 2010

Although I love yard/garage sales I usually skip them because I don’t want to bring more stuff into our house! The exception is the huge neighborhood sale a few blocks over, held every June. It’s one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Portland, so they always have good stuff out, and I love walking around and looking at all the houses, gardens, etc. even if I don’t find anything. I always go to sales with a mental list of stuff I’m looking for (cake stands, Italian or French canning jars, hand-thrown pottery and silver earrings), but stay open to other bargains as well.

Because we don’t live in that neighborhood (I can only wish) and we’re not in the best location for a sale here at our home we haven’t done a sale in ages. We have been invited though this year to participate over Labor Day weekend with a friend who lives in an incredible location, right on the scenic highway east of Portland. She has a sale every year, and always makes more than $1000 (seriously!) because so many tourists drive by and stop and buy.

My sister is a yard sale-aholic. She and her husband go out almost every weekend. They have found some great deals, but she has to have her own sale every year to get rid of stuff. Works for her, but no thanks!

4 Jenna July 14, 2010

I love garage sales. However, I only buy what I need. So having a wish list is always helpful. I also always bring my cell phone so I can snap pictures and text friends who are looking for things.

5 Kelly July 16, 2010

That’s a great idea!

6 FindSavings July 15, 2010

I have mixed emotions about garage sales. It really is a love-hate relationship whether going or throwing one. I hope you’re enjoying France.

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