Summer’s Small Steps

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August is a dead month in France. Everybody’s at the beach or in the mountains. Not lterally everybody, of course, after all I’m still at work. But there are enough people gone that the halls echo at my office and there are (almost) tumbleweeds blowing through the parking lot.

With the summer vacation comes a lack of motivation. Who wants to sit at their computer reading personal finance blogs, or worse, working on their budget? Summer is a time for days spent lolling around, splashing in the pool, eating lunch outside and enjoying those long, lazy summer nights!

Instead of trying to keep it all together and worry about the big picture, I’ve decided to take it day by day in August. Each weekday I’ll be posting one frugal or money saving thing I’m doing that day. At the end of the month, we’ll have more than 15 days of concrete examples on how we live frugally!

Today, I brought my breakfast, lunch and snack to work. Each are leftovers from this weekend, or even my kids’ unfinished breakfast buns.

What have you done to live frugally today?


1 Carla August 9, 2010

Packing lunches always saves $$! What have I done today to save money? Well I haven’t left the house yet, and I plan on baking 2 loaves of bread this afternoon! 🙂

2 Lindsey August 10, 2010

I made a tripled recipe of sourdough pancakes (substituting flaxseed meal for a fourth of the flour). After we had eaten and the extra had cooled, I packaged them in individual servings (used bags that have been used several times before) and froze them for future breakfasts on the run—otherwise I find myself veering off for a sausage egg McMuffin.

3 Stephanie S. August 10, 2010

Today I used berries and peaches that had been hanging around my fridge for a while to make a cobbler. Only a few ingredients: milk, flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, and fruit. It's a perfect summer food–and a huge hit at my house!

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