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Today’s small step to save money is actually part of a multi-day project. I cleaned out my closet this weekend. Now the only clothes  in my closet or my chest of drawers fit the following criteria:

  • I wear them.
  • They look good on me… in other words they fit and are flattering.
  • They’re in good condition (except for my one designated ‘grungy’ outfit, which I save for things like painting)
  • I like them.
  • They fit my needs- work clothes, workout clothes, casual clothes and so on.

If I don’t love it, use it and want it, I got rid of it. But not everything, in fact. I pulled a bunch of clothes out that met all the above except that they aren’t in wearable condition at the moment. Maybe the hem is too long, or there’s a seam coming undone. Some I need to adjust in certain ways, like adding or removing a tuck or changing the buttons.

My frugal act for today isn’t actually fixing the garments- it’s a work day and I don’t have time (not to mention that I really should be concentrating on my thesis…). Instead it’s to actually put all the clothes over to the side and make sure my sewing kit and everything else I need is with them. This Sunday happens to be my monthly project day get together with two of my best friends, and now I have my project in hand, all ready to go. I won’t waste time looking for my supplies, nor will I waste money replacing perfectly good clothes that just need a bit of care.

What have you done to live frugally today?


1 Kristen August 10, 2010

Okay, you've inspired me to FINALLY fix my poor, busted messenger bag that's been sitting next to my sewing machine for at least two months. [The closet is too scary for me to handle just yet.]

2 anne August 10, 2010

I just gathered some items for mending as well. One pair of heels needs some repair and I have a skirt to be taken in.

3 Kate August 10, 2010

Well, I did put the Ikea flyer in the recycling bin without even looking at it 🙂 Although I might fish it out again – I'm looking for the best possible price on a sofa bed to replace the forty-year-old one in the living room that is quite literally coming apart. I won't buy used because of the huge problem with bedbugs in this area.
My project for today is to knit myself a pretty new top (to wear with my consignment-store job interview suit) out of the lovely yarn I got for $1 at the thrift store.

4 Tracy August 10, 2010

Good article. Im impressed. Being Frugal is hard. I usually get rid of cloths that I don't wear. That or turn them into rags. No sense in wasting stuff.

5 Suzanne August 12, 2010

I create a "mending pile" of clothes, too! I don't always have time to fix items the moment a hem comes loose or I lose a button, but if I know a garment is worth saving, I toss it on the pile, and then I pick a day or an evening when I can actually sit and focus, and I mend all the items in the pile. It really doesn't take that long once you get going, but it's easier to do them all at once. I get a rhythm going! It can take me a while to get to it, but when I do, it's like getting clothes added to my wardrobe for free! And it's stuff I already know I like. 🙂

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