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My frugal act for yesterday (I haven’t thought of a way to be frugal today, except for not going shopping like I want to), was to not wash my hair and not wear make-up.

Now before you go ‘ewwwww, gag me with a spoon!‘, let me tell you that I don’t work on Wednesdays, as kids in France don’t have school on Wednesdays. So I don’t have maintain the same sort of professional appearance on days that I work. So in that sense I’m saving on the use of shampoo, conditioner, eyeliner, mascara etc. I also think it’s better for my hair and skin, as my hair and skin don’t get as dried out when I skip washing them.

It may be a little offputting (or maybe I’m becoming French, as my husband claims), but that’s how I saved money yesterday.

And you? What did you do that was frugal?


1 Annie Jones August 12, 2010

Nothing "eww" about this. I almost never wear makeup, and routinely wash my hair every other day instead of every day or even every third day. It usually looks better on the days I don't wash it…LOL!

2 Jersey Mom August 12, 2010

I also hardly ever wear makeup – I simply don't like the feeling of "stuff" on my face. I'm sure I've saved tons on money by not buying makeup! =)

3 Junebug August 12, 2010

No eww here. I personally don't wash my hair everyday because my curly hair does not like it. 🙂

4 nopinkhere August 12, 2010

I won't say ewww, either. I wash my hair about twice a week (and leave it long because if it were short I couldn't get away with that). I don't shower every day either. Now I am a stay-at-home mom, so I don't have to look polished. But I have to admit that I didn't look that polished when I was working.

5 Nancy from Mass August 12, 2010

I don't wear makeup at all since my skin is so sensitive, I usually have a problem if I try and wear it. I also do not wash my hair every day (although I do wet it). I have naturally curly hair and it gets dry if i wash every day. If I don't wet it though, it's a frizzy mess! I only shampoo every 3-4 days and my hair looks much better than when I shampooed daily!

6 @GoBankingRates August 12, 2010

Yes! It's a great idea to just have a day where you don't have to wear make up and not do your hair! It really gives your face a nice much needed break. That's a great idea for weekends, too. My frugal beauty act is to not wear too much eye make up on weekends.

7 Kristen August 12, 2010

Okay, don't tell anyone I said this, BUT… I have really dry skin/ hair which gets much worse if I shower daily. I figure it works out better —for my skin, for the planet, for the money I spend on moisturizer— if I take a shower when I actually need one (i.e. I look and/or smell bad) and not because I feel like I ought to.

8 Jennifer@BeFrugal August 12, 2010

I wash my hair every other day. It gets way too dry if I do it every day. I like the look for 2nd day hair better anyways. I bought a bottle of hair dye rather than going to the salon. Does that count? : )

9 Jenna August 12, 2010

Maybe just because I'm a swimmer so I have really dry skin, I think bathing everyday is a little over rated. Do it when you need to, skip it when you can.

10 Kate August 12, 2010

Like Kristen, my hair and skin are super dry … if I showered every day I'd peel like a snake! My hair is also super thick; if I washed it every day it would never be dry again, and if I use a hair dryer I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket. So I wash whatever needs washing as soon as it's needed 🙂
I do colour my hair, because I'm looking for work and went gray rather young; I buy the colouring and use 1/3 of the package once a month on just the roots.

11 Leanne August 13, 2010

I took my 3 kids to a free outdoor concert last night! It was amazing, and my son had never seen live music before. I'd pay to see the band again, but last night the price was just right!

12 Donna Freedman August 15, 2010

The woman who cuts my hair told me not to wash it every day. It's just not necessary, she said. Neither is "lather, rinse, repeat" — well, the last part, anyway.
I also wear clothes more than once, which of course sounds worse than it is. Details here: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SmartSpendin

13 Stephanie S. August 16, 2010

I only use shampoo every-other time I wash my hair. For the other washes, I just use conditioner and scrub-scrub-scrub my scalp with my fingers. I have curly, dry hair, and using shampoo less often helps keep it moisturized. Plus, I only have to buy shampoo half as often!

14 Amy August 20, 2010

I wish I could skip even one day of washing my hair, but even though it looks fine at hour 24 it gets very greasy very rapidly thereafter. About halfway through day two the oil in my hair gets so heavy that my scalp actually hurts when my hair moves. When my hair is long, I can deal with it better by keeping it up on the second day when I really can’t get it washed.

I don’t wear makeup either because of how oily my skin gets. Even the special oily skin products don’t stand a chance.

15 Kelly August 23, 2010

Yes- this is definitely something that depends on the person and your skin type!

16 Annie August 24, 2010

This isn’t an “eww” thing! I rarely wear makeup unless I’m going somewhere special, and my hair only gets washed when it needs it (I say that because sometimes it needs washing daily but other times it can go almost a week). If I wash it too much it gets too dry and flyaway, driving me nuts!

When I was a kid in the mountains we only bathed once a week, and took sponge baths every few days if we needed it. Sounds gross but that was the way it was done! When I became a teenager and started bathing more often my parents actually accused me of being wasteful for washing so much lol!

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