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Potted VioletsWhen I feel the temptation to go out and buy something, when I look around my house and think ‘if I only had a… things would be so much better!’, when I get discouraged at not having enough (of whatever it is), I try to think about why I do what I do.

I have my reasons for trying to live a frugal life, and you have yours. Sure, some of them might overlap (I bet family, security and happiness are pretty high on all our lists), but in the end, my reasons for trying to be more frugal are my own.

The important thing is not what your reasons are, but why they are.  And just like the list of why I’m frugal, the list of how I’m frugal looks different from yours. It’s why I don’t understand when people criticize each other for making their own soap, or sewing their own clothes, or growing their own food… or doing none of those things. It’s how we choose to live our lives, in accordance with our beliefs, and while working towards our own goals. That looks different for everyone.

The path is sometimes more important than the destination. Although this afternoon, as I sit writing this comfortable in the knowledge that I have money in my bank account and there’s money in my husband’s too, that there’s money in savings and our holiday will be paid for before we leave, knowing that I can go home and cook a nice dinner for my family before continuing to work on my grad school project on my paid for laptop… I know that the destination is important too.


1 Monroe on a Budget August 21, 2010

During one of my recent presentations, I was speaking to a county fair audience. So I talked about the "old frugality" referring to domestic arts / thrifty skills that their parents or grandparents knew about, and that the county fair celebrated; followed up that the "new frugality" seems to be all about the sales and deals; and then also mentioned the charity and government financial aid programs that so many Michigan families are now relying on. How does this all fit together? The answer is: You use every trick that works for your family. Frugal living really is a different mix of tactics for each family; and yet, there are often are many more ideas that could also work for you too.

2 Kelly August 23, 2010

That sounds really interesting Paula! You wouldn’t happen to have a link, would you?

3 Jessica August 26, 2010

Very inspiring. Just gives me confirmation that I’m on the right track…it’s nice to hear it from someone else sometimes.

Keep up the great info.

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