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I love to make things. I don’t think that I’m especially artistic- I’ve never been able to paint or draw. But I really enjoy sewing, doing needlepoint, collage, paper maché and many other ‘crafty’ hobbies.

But crafts can be a great way to save money too.

For example, after we moved, we had room for a coffee table in our living room again. We didn’t want to get something that was too big, because we were luxuriating in the feeling of almost having too much space. We didn’t want to get something too heavy, because it would have to be moved whenever guests pulled out the sleeper sofa. And it had to be something that could stand up to the tests of the young kids.

I found the Lack table at Ikea, and although the regular price is only about €5.00, I scored a deal in the reduced area and only paid €3.50. Then, inspired by this post in IkeaHacker, I decoupaged some already owned fabric onto the top of the table. I really like the end look, although I’m thinking of redoing it, because the edges are coming up.

Crafting also helps you save money when you take an item that you were going to throw away and turn it into something useful. I’m sure you’ve all seen how to melt plastic bags to make the into a sort of fabric. If you haven’t, then you should check out this post, which shows you how to fuse bags together. And then there’s the ultimate in turning something disposable into something useful, although I don’t know if I would qualify composting as a craft…

My kids’ nanny knits and quilts, both time-tested ways to save money that later turned into hobby crafts. The wave of home-decorating blogs (oh, how I love thee!) also illustrate how a hobby can save you money as many of these talented and crafty women combine frugality with decorating to make their houses homier.

I don’t have time to do as much crafting as I like, and I still do most of my crafting for the joy of creating rather than looking for a way to save money. But I’m certainly happy I can do both!

Do you have any crafty, money saving hobbies?


1 Bette September 2, 2010

Great post idea! Most recently, I’ve been on a tote-bag making binge. There are oodles of great ideas and patterns on the internet which inspire me to get creative w/my own versions. I shop the clearance/remnant fabric bins at Michaels and Joann for great fabrics, but I also have used burlap coffee bean bags given to me free from Dunn Bros., fabric from my stash, a too-skinny denim skirt, upholstery fabric, etc. I’m also repurposing some garments from the family’s wardrobes and a great linen skirt I found at a thrift store for less than one dollar.

I’ve actually sold a couple of these bags and am hoping to sell more. We use quite a few around the household/traveling, etc., and I’ve given several for gifts to my son’s music and gymnastics teachers (hand made gifts are thoughtful AND frugal!!) and friends. Such creative and useful fun! 🙂

2 Tara September 2, 2010

I love to knit and often make gifts for people. A lot of knitting isn’t frugal at all when you consider the amount of time that you put in to make an item. If you enjoy the process though, as I do, it is really gratifying to give a hand knitted item, much more satisfying for me than to buy something.

The frugal part for me, I guess, is when I make things out of scraps and ends of yarn. I often make toys for my kids or baby hats. They especially like the little dolls. I was having trouble finding lovable boy dolls for my sons so I made one: The materials for that project probably cost me less than $5 although I put quite a few hours into it.

A frugal hobby that I haven’t yet scratched the surface of is canning and preserving garden produce for gifts. I’ve been the recipient of quite a few jars of deliciousness this season and would love to try my hand.

3 nopinkhere September 3, 2010

I’m not sure my crafting ends up saving any money. Instead it requires a whole new budget category!

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