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I wanted to share with you a really nice article that Rachel, from wrote about Almost Frugal. The article is part of their Thrifty Blogger series, and I’m pleased as punch to have been included!

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1 CJ October 11, 2010

Kelly this is fabulous! I am so proud of you, not just for your blogging but for your willingness to take this path and do it publicly. I think the fact that money has always been a taboo subject here in the US is part of how we got into such a bind. Clyde and I are patting ourselves on the back as our 40 thousand dollar debt just dipped down to 20 thousand this month after 20 months of conscious spending. We hope that by the time we get it down to zero, we will have the habit deeply ingrained and our retirement will be easier when it arrives. Thanks for your continuing good ideas. CJ

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