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Hi Everyone,

Almost Frugal is a community of like-minded people (I know there are lots of you out there that have just a hard a time resisting Ikea’s siren song as I do) and that community isn’t limited to here on the Almost Frugal website.

First of all, if you haven’t already had a chance to check it out, there’s the Almost Frugal Facebook page. Why should you become a fan? Not only do all the posts from Almost Frugal get posted automatically on the page, so you can read them at the same time that you’re catching up on all the other Facebook news, but people leave comments there that they won’t necessarily leave here on the site. For example, there were some interesting comments left on the recent post about feeding your pets:
Patricia wrote:

My kitties developed a food allergy (they were losing their hair and scratching themselves to death!) and they too threw up a lot. I thought about cooking for them but in my research I would have had to add too many extras for them to get …all of the things they needed. So now I give them a combination of dry (Nutro or IAMS for hairballs) and wet (HALO). The HALO food smells like people food and the kitties really eat it up. Their fur has grown back and is shiny and soft and they rarely throw up (no hairball problems either). Good luck!

Michelle wrote:

I feed my cats and dogs raw. Dogs are easy- toss them chicken quarters or country style ribs or other raw meaty bones for the most part and once or twice a week bowl meals of ground meat or canned fish with raw organ meat and raw eggs. Cats…, I grind their chicken legs or wings, add hearts and gizzards and ground turkey, pork or beef, a couple eggs, taurine, fish oil, kelp and garlic. I make enough for 10 days and freeze anything I won’t use in a day or 2, thawing out a new container as needed the night before. Healthier animals, costs less than kibble (especially if you get meat on markdown or sale or get freezer meat from hunters), no need for dentals, no digestive upsets, no skin issues or allergies, no smell or clean up from dogs (feces disintegrate to a powder in less than an hour) and animals have much more energy. Will never go back to kibble.

I also post a lot of interesting links there, so there’s always something to read. As if there weren’t enough to read already on Facebook…

Almost Frugal also has an RSS feed. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for RSS feeds, thanks to the Reeder app for my iPhone. I know, I know, not very frugal of me, but it was a present!

Finally, if Twitter is your thing, then be sure to follow Almost Frugal on Twitter. I’m not always active over there, but I do pop in from time to time.

By the way, this Community Thang is a two way street: why not leave your links to your blog, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or more in the comments!

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