Why buy two when one will do?

Why get new when used will do?

Why spend less when you can afford better?

Why spend more when less works too?

These questions have been repeating in my head, like a mantra, for a few weeks now. I don’t have the answers…but isn’t it worth asking the questions?


1 Ollamha Anne April 25, 2011

There are some things that you definitely don’t need two of when one will do, like knick-knacks, computer, or a copy of a book. But sometimes three is two and two is one. For example, if there is an item that if it were to break down would cause major problems in your life, then two (or even three) might be a wise investment.

For example, my husband is a type one diabetic. He has to use a meter constantly to check his blood sugar levels. I always have a spare meter on hand just in case. Recently, his meter stopped working. We put a spare battery into it, and it still didn’t work. Fortunately, we had a spare on hand. We’ll be getting him a new meter because having just one is not the safe choice.

It is good to be frugal, but as in all things, balance and good judgement is necessary.

2 Frugal Living April 25, 2011

These are questions that most people struggle with because they think that it is better to get more then what they need.

3 Mickey April 26, 2011

I’m always overwhelmed by Costco, Sam’s Club etc when I am in the US. We just don’t always need to supersize everything, all the time…

4 nancy April 26, 2011

‘why spend less when you can afford better?’ ~ i began to see my wardrobe in this manner several years ago. i decided i’d rather buy quality v. quantity for my work clothes. i’d rather have 3 really nice pair of slacks that last for a long time (multiple seasons) rather than 5 pair of lesser quality ones that won’t see a 2nd season. same with shoes. i think you get my drift.

5 Tanya May 25, 2011

We just launched a new blog, and my latest post addresses this. As much as I am not a fan of shopping in bulk (because I can’t use up big quantities of things fast enough), there are times when a BOGO sale, combined with a little planning, can be very practical.

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