Things That Are Good

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Things that are good:

A big mug of herbal tea after two hours spent on a in a bus on a windy mountain road, taking your first grader to a class sleep away camp where he will spend a WEEK, on a trip clearly designed without a mother’s feelings involved (although I know he will have a great time).

The olive oil infused goodness of a tomato bread salad for lunch. What a perfect way to finish off a stale baguette (and only 385 calories!).

Running into friends while dropping kids off at school and having a nice, two minute chat.

Stumbling along StumbleUpon and coming across a site like this one, with a ton of downloadable, printable forms for all occasions: blogging, goal setting, cleaning…!

A perfect blue sky, with just enough wind to keep the day feeling cool and not sweltering.

The feeling that comes with finishing a project and knowing that you did a good job.

New babies, like the one that lives upstairs.

What are your things that are good?


1 Cassie May 16, 2011

A friend shows up unexpectedly on your front porch, just to say hi.

An enveloping hug from a loved one.

The smell of lilacs in the spring

A random toddler walking up to you and giving you a hug.

The excitement in a dog’s eyes when you play with him.

Among others 🙂

2 Jaye May 16, 2011

lilacs, yes and a hug ~ anytime.
how the world smells in the rain (we’ve had lots of rain …)
the feeling you have after you’ve cleaned out a closet, and dropped off things at a charity shop.

3 maryjane May 28, 2011

Being able to get over a cold and a nice mug of english breakfast tea purchased for $1.38 which normally costs $4.79 a box….going to the beach mid-week and dining at a place right on the coastline, fresh fish just in from the boat, a lunch with the store owner and wife, no other people around, the best crab, oysters and shrimp a person could hope for and little money at that…thankful hubby retired when he did and he is happy as a clam as the saying goes..heaven with my family here on earth, no rushing around anymore and being able to help those who are unemployed and hungry in our community and thankful to God we are not on the other end of the serving line, thankful indeed..just pondering the sky it has rained almost 300 days, no summer this year, thankful no tornados or hurricanes, etc..thankful for our lives together 37 years and my birthday 63 years young…

4 Brianna June 8, 2011

-Free Celebrate Brooklyn outdoor concerts
-Biking over the Manhattan Bridge (no tourists!)
-Biking anywhere
-Beach reading
-Evening runs in Prospect Park when the whole city turns up to play on the grass
-Trumpeting buskers in Washington Square park
-Ice cream cones
-Free outdoor movies
-Did I mention the SUN!!??

: )

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