About Kyle

I live in northern California with my wife and 3 young kids. I own and operate a website called Rather-Be-Shopping.com which specializes in online coupons to over 550 stores, organized in 24 shopping categories. I also have a blog where I write about frugal living, tips on saving money, and other musings about family life.

I started Rather-Be-Shopping.com way back in 2001. I was doing my Christmas shopping online in 2000, and I saw a box that said, “Enter Your Coupon Code Here”, I had never heard of a coupon code before, so I did some research on putting together a site that would categorize these coupons and the idea was born! I started out doing it part-time, and as my site grew in popularity, I realized that I might be able to make a go of it full-time.

So in 2003 I switched over to full-time and haven’t looked back. Then in 2007 I started the Rather-Be-Shopping.com blog and it gave me a great outlet for my creativity. I do blog about coupons from time to time, but I mainly write about frugal living and making your money go as far as possible in everyday life.