About Me

C-WWN20091029My name is Kelly Rigotti and I’m the do-it-all girl behind Almost Frugal, which I started writing in December 2007. I’m neither a financial guru, nor a personal finance queen. Instead I’m almost frugal! I’d like to be more so; unfortunately I shop too often at Ikea and eat too often in restaurants for my own good!

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about me and why my reasons for writing Almost Frugal.

Why do you write Almost Frugal?

I don’t have all the answers. I’m not an expert. I write Almost Frugal to share my journey towards frugality (as well as any tips I find along the way). Living frugally isn’t easy as you and I both undoubtedly know; help and community make it easier.

What do you write about?

Frugality, family, finance- I talk about them all. I live in France, so occasionally a bit of cultural comparison slips in too. I’m also a mom, so my kids inevitably get mentioned, but only in the context of the story I’m telling. (I know they’re the greatest kids ever, but you might not agree. Go here to see indisputable proof of their coolness and cuteness.)

How did you end up in France?

It’s the age old story: an American girl goes on a university exchange program to France, falls in love with a handsome French frog, and lives happily ever after in the land of a thousand cheeses. Now this former West Coast girl lives in a small city in the French Alps with three kids, three cats, and one French husband. And a mountain of debt (~€60,000) that we’re trying to dig our way out of, one centime at a time.

A mountain of debt? What’s it from?

Mostly student loans from my American education. I went to a private university and racked up $60,000, or about €43,000, in three years. Then there’s €4000 for the car loan (finishing in June 2010) and a fixed rate €8000 loan, taken out to pay off an American credit card. That one finishes in February 2011.

And in your spare time?

I work as an internet marketing and communication consultant. I satisfy my love for cooking with my cooking blog, Almost Frugal Food. And did I mention the husband, three cats and three children?

What else?

I’ve answered some other reader questions here. Or, of course, you can always ask me more!

Other than that, I adore Josh Lyman. I hate playing kids’ games. My favorite hobby is reading and I don’t get to do it enough. I can’t do Flylady because I’d rather be barefoot. I love organizing and simplicity, good food and red wine, and finding a bargain.

Welcome to Almost Frugal!