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Almost Frugal is tag-lined ‘learning about frugality.’ We are not personal finance gurus, nor frugal queens, we’re just almost frugal.

Almost Frugal was started in December 2007 by Kelly Rigotti. There are an average of 23,000 page views per month and more than 2100 RSS subscribers… and these numbers are increasing daily! Almost Frugal has been featured on MSN Money Central’s Smart Spending blog and Wise Bread, amongst others leaders in the personal finance niche. Almost Frugal also has a Twitter feed with more than 3200 followers.

The Almost Frugal writing team is made up of 5 writers who discuss personal finance and frugality from a variety of perspectives.

Almost Frugal’s audience is targeted to:

  • women (90% of our readership)
  • families with children
  • and especially, people interested in living frugally and learning about money management

Topics discussed are:

  • organizing a budget (or at least trying to!)
  • the challenges of money management
  • learning about frugality and frugal living

What people are saying about Almost Frugal:

  • A wonderful, very personal, look at what it takes to live frugally. A great focus on real solutions that anybody can use.
  • Great idea and great site!
  • I found your blog last night – read the whole thing. Would love to be so forthcoming about our finances but wonder what others (friends who read my blog) might think about sharing so much. I applaud you!!

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