Coupon Cactus

Coupon Cactus is one of Almost Frugal’s steadiest supporters, a relationship I’m thankful for because I believe that what they offer is a really good fit for Almost Frugal readers: reliable ways to save money on everyday products that you consider important in your lives.

Coupon Cactus helps its users save money with coupons from over 3,600 stores. In addition to the wide assortment of different kinds of coupons (coupon codes, promo codes, discounts, special deals and sales), if you become a Coupon Cactus member you get up to 40% cash back on your purchases. For example, when I went looking through the site, I found a link to Back to Basics Toys, which sells toys that, you guessed it, are classic and built to last. There wasn’t a coupon available on the site, but there is a 3.50% cash back offer. Other, similar choices are Melissa & Doug, again with no coupon available but with a 4% cash back offer for signed in users, or Toys ‘R Us, with 2 coupons and a 1.5% cash back offer. The money is paid quarterly, by check or PayPal.

They have a very wide variety of coupons, organized into more that 25 categories, to choose from. I tested a few of them out, like the site For those of you who don’t know, my husband is a dedicated guitarist- he has 6 guitars at home (and one more at work), and spends most of his spare time and money on this hobby. I found some of his favorite guitar picks on the site, and by buying them through Coupon Cactus, I would be entitled to a 2.5% cash back offer. MusiciansFriend also has a fun feature called the Stupid Deal of the Day, featuring a hugely discounted product; the day I wrote this, there were guitar cables priced at $6.99, regular price $31.49.

Another good site I found on Coupon Cactus was part of the the Baby and Maternity coupons category: There are three coupons available for for $10 your first order, for free shipping on all orders over $50 and for the special sale area, plus a 1% cash back offer.

You can search by store name, by category of coupon, by new coupons or coupons that are set to expire soon, biggest discounts, most popular, Coupon Cactus Exclusives and more. Another way to save money is through the referral system, which gives you a percentage of Coupon Cactus’ share whenever somebody that you referred earns cash back. (My code is 130283 – I’d love it if you used it!).

Coupon Cactus has more than 30,000 members (I signed up with no problem) and has been around since 2006. International members are welcomed warmly, but may not be able to shop from all the stores, as individual store policy does apply.

I think that online coupon resources like Coupon Cactus are great ways for people to save money on things they would already be buying. In no way do I want to encourage you to spend money heedlessly, but if you’re trying to maximize your spending power, Coupon Cactus is a good place to start.

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